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Network Society and Future Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy: Through the RADICAL Lense

The book came really, really close, but it doesn’t quite get to something like RADs, although the authors point out the need for something like them.

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Should We Save the Anthropocene?

If our culture and civilization, the Anthropocene, is to have a future, we need to rekindle our relationship with ourselves and our communities, to assure the survival of Earth, our life support.

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Later - E15

It took effort, but it didn't take long. We were used to competition and domination, but it killed us. Restarting from near scratch actually helped.

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We Headed for the Cliff - E14

We headed for the cliff, smiling and chatting with everybody. And then we went over the cliff.

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Better Tasting Poison

Free lunches and massages are ineffective, terrible. They make the current business paradigm more palatable for a little bit while it continues unabated.

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